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About Waikoloa Family Ministries
About Us

The mission of the Waikoloa Family Ministries is to encourage and disciple families to be Christ centered, become true parents in their homes, and keep true love in their hearts. Our guiding principles are:

The Bible is our authority and guide.
Our inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit.
Study of the “Word” is our #1 priority.
We will help others through service and outreach.
Fellowship, food and fun are important to families.
All families are invited to participate.

We offer a variety of activities such as Small Groups, Bible study classes, retreats, special events, golf outings, softball, father-child baseball game trips plus much more designed to help you grow deeper in love with Christ and one another. Volunteer leadership positions are available for those wanting to share their spiritual gifts.

Our Ministry

Evening Bible Study
Wednesday 7 a.m. - Fellowship Hour
Welcome to food, fun, and fellowship . Introduction to True family values and spirituality counseling for families and youth. We offer for children with substance abuse and in need for anger management a program that will help them find their way again.

We teach the works of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon. They provide, as a couple, spiritual and moral leadership for the family. In this they are striving to exemplify the ideal of 'true parents' not only for the FFWPU but also for the wider family of humankind. They teach that the family is a place where we can most fully meet God, experience His true love, and learn both how to love others and how to be responsible as His sons and daughters.

For more information please contact Rev. Sam and Atsuki Masilamoney at (808) 883-6210 or

Missionary Work
Our missionary work consists of
FFWPU brothers and sisters from around the world coming to fellowship with the families of Waikoloa. The missionaries meet once a week in Small Groups or Bible Study groups. They are a place where men gather to share their lives, join in prayer and learn how to apply the Bible to daily life. The missionary work is committed to inter-religious, inter-cultural, and international peace and unity.

Special Events
We offer a variety of special events through out the year. All are designed to provide an evening of fellowship, fun and development of relationships with one another. A sampling includes Golf Tournaments, Workshops, Seminars.

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of people who are in need in our community by sharing the love of Christ in word and deeds. Please email us to find out how you can help The Waikoloa Family Ministries Emergency food supplies, Emergency Shelter Program.

Staff Members
Who We Are
Sam Masilamoney
Family Minister
(808) 883-6210 |
Atsuki Masilamoney
Administrative Assistant
(808) 883-6210 |
Waikoloa Family Ministries, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
68-1943 Puu Nui St., P.O. Box 384565, Waikoloa,HI 96738 Ph: (808) 883-6210 Cell (808) 640-0131
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